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Insight 2 Aviation and Security Training, a division of Insight 2, specialises in providing classroom and internet training to the aviation and security industries and is accredited by the DfT to provide GSAT, Cargo Security and X-Ray Training.

We currently have more than 300 companies using our GSAT, Cargo and Health & Safety training. In order to stay fresh and current we update our training regularly and have just produced a new online GSAT course in February '09.

Our online training consists of interactive, modular based programmes to meet NASP Cargo Regime, Dangerous Goods and the General Security Awareness Training (GSAT). The courses include animation, fact files and randomly generated multiple choice assessments.

The courses are accessed via our website, virtually eliminating all administration and don't require you to manage the distribution of cd-roms. We provide full support.

The online GSAT and Cargo Training enables you to train staff where and when you want 24/7, overcoming the logistical problems of remote location and travelling expenses. Client feedback shows that our online GSAT saves over 400 man hours for every 100 staff classroom trained.

Many of our clients prefer the flexibility that online training brings; if you would like to discuss classroom GSAT, Cargo or Dangerous Goods Training please contact us directly.

Regardless of whether you have completed online or classroom training our system incorporates a sophisticated Learning Management System which automatically stores completion records, pass marks and refresher training dates, eliminating training administration. We provide each company with administrator access to the LMS, enabling you to set up your own trainees and monitor progress. We are also unique in storing the GSAT and Cargo training records on an ongoing basis meaning you can at any time demonstrate compliance.

If you are interested to know how you can improve your hiring decisions, cut absenteeism etc then please view our complete Training, Human Resources and Psychology services at

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